[#66] - Struggling with Balance & Intro to tileable textures

August 28, 2019

Evening people!

Had a great and sweaty week this time, the heat is picking up again here in Berlin and it's crazy going into work with all the computers blasting more heat into the room, but it's not the worst thing in the world.

Struggling with balance

So recently I have been doing a massive amount of blog stuff and preparations. Trying to see if I can make more content for my Patreon and to attract more people. The issue with that quickly became that I am spending a lot of my time building new topics and to figure out the amount of stuff that I need to make it worthwhile for people to come over and stay.

So let's discuss the big change that I'm thinking off to make the balance more even between my weekly blog content and the personal work that I want to keep up in my own time as well.
Some of the stuff that I have done and started thinking about recently to try and make this balance better:

  • Make the move from purely Photoshop driven templates to Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher (WAY! more efficient than before)
  • Making sections of my blog content fully exclusive, so make the older blog post only accessible through my Patreon
  • Building additional content (6 new tips lined up only made in the last weeks) and offer early access on them
  • Offering more interesting content through video's instead of these written blogs (at some point)
  • Thinking about a way to help my supporters, maybe giving them exposure and hopefully help people get in contact with other people to find the thing that they want to achieve.

So yeeeah, just wanted to give you some oversight, if you have some ideas on how I can push the value for YOU, then please let me know.
Marketing stuff out of the way, let's go to the next thing!

Tempelhof forbidden area's tour

An amazing thing happened this weekend, we went out!
We went to do a tour of all the areas of at that time the biggest airport in Europe, it was an amazing experience being able to explore all the bunkers and the completely destroyed forbidden pictures and propaganda bunker, it was a great learning experience and just an amazing tour itself, so if you ever get the chance to come over to Berlin, it might be worth a shot!

We captured a bunch of awesome pictures, but it was tricky moving fast through areas that weren't well lit and still trying to snap interesting photo's. But it was worth it :D

More foliage sculpting

With all the adjustments that are going on I'm finally making some more time to work on my personal work again, I'm still getting up to speed again and doing more sculpting for the foliage. But taking this longer break and doing so much preparation and thinking about all the different options that I have to get done for the Patreon and Blog really made me hungry to create some art again.
Hopefully I can start adding some new sets of foliage to the sets soon and start baking them down onto planes and use them in the scene itself!

Artwork Credit
Jordan Grimmer

Let's have a look at something different this week, Jordan's concept/album cover work really popped for me because of it's vibrant use of colors, like in the example above. The cover that he did for Danny Olson's Elements is an amazing showcase piece for a use of color and design, the way that the different transitions don't break up the soothing feeling this work evokes is just amazing.

So thank you for inspiring me Jordan Grimmer, your work is great and keep being bold with those color choices!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on: https://patreon.com/Beyondextent

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