[#72] Building Wall Pieces & Avoiding "Exposure" Work

October 9, 2019
Evening People!

This week was another pretty busy week (feels like I always say this so by now it has long lost it's power :D) but anyways this one was busy because we are moving close and closer to a deadline and that comes with some additional planning and other stuff! Other than that though, I'm excited to head on over for a special event with a couple of my colleagues.

Trip to Belgium

At the time of posting this (Which I hopefully remember to do on time) I will be at the Internship event hosted by my former University and will be giving portfolio feedback to people trying to get into the industry and I will probably be talking to a lot of potential future colleagues and am excited to do so! So again, if you are one of the people I will be talking to tonight, can't wait to meet you!

Blog featured on "The Rookies"

The rookies reached out to me with the question if I wanted to feature my blog on their platform as well, so my first article was released a couple of days ago and you can check it out here:

Hopefully this will help more people out there and I hope I can add value to your work or life if you are new to this blog and reading it for the first time on "The Rookies".
I do wonder how many people read through articles on "The Rookies", so if you read through them say "Hi" in the comments!

Cleaning up the Blender file

This is something I should have done a while back but I never got to it really. With this in mind I wanted to start out making a template that I can reuse for future projects where I will be buildings modular environments. So splitting it up into multiple collections where a collection is inside one of these squares you see in the picture above, so this means that using the numbers on the keyboard I can then quickly switch between these different section.

Building walls

With this out of the way and the file cleaned up in one go it was time to work on some more walls, I really liked where the design of the doors where going last week so taking those ideas and using them on the walls too.
I really love how you can display changes like this within the editor using EEVEE, so here is an example for what I have in mind for the wall pieces.

In addition to this there are a bunch of other wall pieces that were made and tried to bridge the gap between the pieces with a lot of exposed rock and the ones with less exposed rock.
Other than all this work in blender I also started the process of moving from a Dynamic lit scene to a static lit one, this will solve some of the issues that I have with he moss material and this will also give me insight on how to balance this scene for the look that I want with the amount of lights that I will need to light it.

So excited to do more work over the weekend!

Artwork Credit
Carl Shedd

This week we will have a look at this amazing scene composed by Carl Shedd. The lighting here feels amazing introducing a nice contrast between the nice warm, inviting light and the slightly creepy vibes the building itself gives off.

It's an amazing showcase for what you can achieve with using assets from the marketplace and then truly turning them into something that is your own artistic expression.
This is an amazing scene Carl Shedd, thank you so much for inspiring me and pushing me to do better. I can't wait to see what you do next.

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on: https://patreon.com/Beyondextent

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