Prepping for a new chapter & Baking - Building a lowpoly

February 19, 2020
Evening People!

Got some pretty special news this week, I finally decided to get a little more serious about myself and start building something that is going to serve as the beginning of a new chapter.

Beginning of a new chapter

The first step in this chapter will be the creation of a dedicated website for all my content, allowing me more customisation options and would allow me to properly take care of the layout of the blog on how it's presented. Its been bugging me for ages how my blog looks on my personal website and its about time to do something about that fact.

It will also allow me for more options in terms of offering things to people, when they go on sale etc...

Obviously this comes with a big concern from my end "What if people won't want to see your content in your own site?" Well that's something I have dear to my heart and worry about, but that being said, if I remain on Artstation I'm going to be leaving a lot of potential behind for future plans. I'm looking forward to the future! But first prepping all my content for a big move to a new home.

Victoriya Anda artbook

Another awesome thing that happened this week is that I finally got my own copy of Victoriya Anda's artbook, she has turned the concepts the did for the first Artstation challenge and other concepts into one big book that builds a beautiful world. She reached out to me because I picked her concepts in that challenge and turned them into a full environment, which she decided on putting in the book.

It's all in Russian though, but that's just a minor point. It's still awesome to hold this in my own hands!

If you want to check out her work or are interested in the book head on over to the album that she made for the book showcasing some of the work included.

So this also brings me to this week's work in progress, I've been working on preparing the outline for the website and how I want to present it to other people.
There is a lot of stuff that comes with this as well, so I have been doing some digging in how to optimize images, search engine optimisation, heading maps, and more...
All these topics can be super deep as well, so I was playing around with the idea of hiring someone, but then in the end I ended up using Webflow and started building them myself.

The biggest chunk of work is going through all the blog post content and making it so that I can easily transfer them between sites too. I was already doing the blogs in Notion, but I wasn't keeping in in mind that this was going to be formatted differently, this is also why I'm going through all the blog posts and preparing them in a way that works as CSV file, then importing them into the Webflow system is going to be easy.

I'm just to glad that Webflow allows me to move things over like this as doing this all manually would be hell. So I'm really enjoying working with Webflow and it makes me excited to see what the future brings!
But it's going to be fun going through 90 blog posts and prepping them all. So wish me luck!

UE4 Environment Tutorial from Thiago Klafke

Thiago has been a long time inspiration of mine and this Environment is still as relevant as when it came out, this goes into more high level concepts and is well worth a read.

A short explanation about custom vertex normals

Some more talk about normals and how they can help you get the shading effect that you want to achieve on your models, especially on the edges.

No more wrong Normal Maps!

Another great overview by Leonardo Lezzi, doing another deep dive into a great topic about normals and how they affect baking, cages and more elaborate shapes. Well worth a read.

Artwork Credit
Jonas Meyer
Highsec Corridor

For this week people voted on Jonas Meyer, with this amazing piece showcasing some really cool designs and ideas that I have been taking some inspiration from for my personal project too. Especially the way that the combination from smooth surfaces work in contrast with the rocky surfaces.

Another thing that I also like is that the environment itself is somewhat muted with subtle color hints sprinkled in there too.
This is a really inspiring piece for me personally, so thanks so much for sharing it with us Jonas Meyer, keep on sharing your work.

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on:

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