Beyond Extent release time! & Fake lightshafts in Unreal Engine

April 23, 2020

Release time!

It's finally time for this, the site it live! At this point I might have been overselling it by talking about it for soo often, but I'm glad that the moment it finally here and I'm glad with the first iteration of this platform that will hopefully grow into something more over time.

Special thanks!

I just want to take the time here to thank all the people that were involved for making this happen and most importantly my supporters who have been making this thing possible from both a mental and financial perspective and I will do my best to expand the sharing of knowledge and how we can help people grow in the future!

How about the future?

So nothing really is going to change all that much, a huge part is of pressure is relieved from my shoulders by only having to post on one platform and reducing the time spend on that, there are however a ton of features that I have been thinking about for the site itself but those will slowly but surely be added at some point, stuff like a members (Patreons) only section, comment section on the blog pages, improvements for reading tutorials and the blog, and many more... but more on that in the future! For now what I want to do personally is spend my time finding a way to automate a bunch of stuff in the background to open up my own schedule even more and to make more time for my personal work, additional tutorials and helping people.

I treat this just as the beginning of this and not as a finished product, and I'm super excited about the future! And I hope you are too.

Fern WI

Now that the bulk of he work is done on the website and we got a good base going on it's time to open up my personal schedule a bit more and add some variation to it again, so I've started picking up my old personal project again and started building some of the pieces again. I really wanted to work on some more foliage again after this long downtime so decided to start with the ferns.

I've been spending a lot of time on getting the highpoly meshes to feel right so I get enough detail out of them so I can slowly but surely start building up my asset library again and start using these assets in upcoming scenes at some point too, and save myself a ton of time.

Experiments with tyFlow

I haven't played with this addon myself, but the results speak for themself, so if you have Max you might as well give it a shot and see if it can improve your scenes.


I know! We talked a lot about baking recently but this is a really good one especially if you already have Marmoset Toolbag ready to go

Fallout 3 – Edges

This is a really nice highlight of something that is used all over the place in games now and this is the concept of "Damage Decals" which adds nice visual interest and variation to otherwise boring looking geometry lines. Head on over to get Simon's deep dive into the topic.

Artwork Credit
Nicole Azzopardi
Senior Thesis

Stumbled across this amazing scene by Nicole Azzopardi last week and was just absolutely amazed by this scene, this is the stuff that people mean when they mention that students are raising the bar in schools, I mean just look at this one screenshot.

I'm a big sucker for natural scenes myself, so no wonder that I was pulled into this one, the foliage with it's subsurface scattering and the light coming in with the sprinkles of storytelling in this scene just make for a really nice and complete scene. But it's not only the lighting that is pulling you in, it's also the concentration of details in this scene, notice how everything that has details in the screenshot is focused around the main point of interest, further attracting the viewer's attention to this spot.

Really nice work Nicole, keep crushing and keep inspiring us all!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on:

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