Bottlenecking myself & Texture Baking - Part 1

March 11, 2020

Hope you all had a fantastic one! I've had a really good week myself, we just had our yearly check-in which is a meeting to discuss your future and how you have performed over the last year and without really delving into the specifics I'm really happy with the outcome. However it still is super weird to me to sit in a room and just talk about me for 1.5 hours straight, it's really good that we have a system that recognises and pushes recognition for the thing you do and bring to the company. But still, it makes me uncomfortable!

Bottlenecking myself

Another thing that I have been thinking about is that I have been really bottlenecking myself lately, especially with the website creation side of things. It might be time to let go of the idea that I really need to do anything myself to have it done well. We touched on it last week but I really feel that this is holding me back and will have to do something about this. So I'll have to start reaching out to some people as I already had an offer from someone... So lets have a look and see where this one leads us.

Hopefully I can get over this feeling somehow as it's just creating unnecessary restrictions on the stuff that I want to do, plus it's a good investment for the future and will give back to my supporters in the long run too!

Article preparations

Some of the stuff I have been working on is still under wraps and I've also added an additional small section to a longer article and was happy to help out with it, as soon as there issue re information available or it gets released I'll make sure to share it here!

Building the homepage

So this is where we go into the website section again, which I spend a fair bit of time on again and is also why I started looking at outsourcing this. Spending my time on this doesn't really make that much sense if I can just let someone else do it in a fraction of the time, hopefully I can break out of my comfort zone for this one.

Planning the course

Lastly also spend a fair bit of time working on the course materials that I want to provide for new people getting the mentorship. Firstly I'll need to start by dividing it into weeks, what key points to hit in which week and build out from there. There's a lot to figure out here but I'm making some solid progress! I'm excited and fearful of the recording sessions that are going to come soon enough!

DD2018: Dan Vavra - Designing historical open world RPG

An interesting deep dive into the magic that goes into creating an Historical Open World, Kingdom: Come Delivery. Dan Varva gives us a pretty good insight into what goes into it.

Basic Rock Sculpting

Digging around in obscure places and different forums can yield some interesting results, these tips by a user named K1LLSW1TCH are really great and there's a fair few in there if you are willing to dig!

Tutorial: Paragon Rock Workflow

A more condensed version of rock sculpting techniques by Scott Homer, showcasing some of the techniques used on Paragon, which looks amazing!

Another great addition voted on by the people! We are going to dig into another environment made for the latest addition of Star Wars.

I really like the composition of these shots and how they feel in game too. There is so much details in these environments from how the different sections of snow and ice blend together and aso the directional of it, really giving it the feeling where the wind has an influence on how it spreads and settles down. In more angled camera shots or on surfaces that have specific angles towards the camera you can really see how the different reflectivities work on the different surfaces where it's more icy compared to full on snow.

Really nice attention to all the details Nate Rulli, I'm really glad that this game with all it's beautiful environments exists and inspires so many artists out there.

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on:

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