Final improvements & Texture Maps Overview - 2

April 16, 2020

Evening People!

Hope you are all doing good and are staying safe out there, I'm doing all right especially since we are getting close and closer to the launch of the first phase of the Website and get all that weight of my shoulders and start working a bit of a normal routine again as I feel that all this focusing on one single thing has got me a little bit burned out for the moment, although the long weekend had me recharging a little bit too. Almost there! :D

Final improvements before release

Since the release is almost there I'll keep this section a bit shorter then usual. The main thing I have been focusing on this week is improving the flow, finishing up some stuff on multiple different pages and just generally cleaning stuff up as well as doing a ton of background stuff. I can't wait to show of the first phase of the site and then the build up starts from my end, so still a lot to look at and figure out, but the pillars are setup and it's time to start polishing and expanding!

How to Create 3D Terrain with Google Maps and Blender!

This little tutorial is really nice for all you blender using environment artists if you want to start getting into some terrain creation, it's cool to try and experiment with this neat toolset.

Understanding Composition

A big topic of discussion is always composition when it comes to environment art, so why not dive in with BlenderGuru as he takes you through a solid introduction of the topic.

6 Tips to Improve your UV Mapping Workflow

These little tips and tricks from Paul H. Pauline are really nice, it's a little more aimed towards non-game applications but can still offer you a nice insight into the topic.

Artwork Credit
Benjamin Roach

These cool little environment art teasers just got released by Upsurge Studios (from which Benjamin Roach is the Founder and Level Designer) and they start off by showing these amazing set pieces set in a frozen dungeon/castle, this piece shared below showcases perfectly what they want to go for with the eldritch looking statue in the back nicely highlighted by the light coming in from the top.

Even though the scene is fairly monotone in color usage you can already that this is going to be a really nice and unique looking game. Something that really caught my eye too is the nice looking ice shader being used in this shot (you might need to check out the profile to check it in all it's glory!)

So I'm really looking forward to seeing more on this as the environments look really nice, especially because they have killer Art direction. If this is something that peaks your interest as well, head on over and check it out for yourself. Thanks for sharing these amazing teasers for the game Benjamin Roach, can't wait for you and the team to release more environment teasers like these!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on:

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