Prepping for the future & Baking Troubleshooting - 1

April 30, 2020
Planning for the future

So in this one I wanted to take some time and shine a light on what the future of Beyond Extent will bring and to be a little more about this, this also comes with a caveat that a lot of the stuff mentioned below is still early and is subject to change, evolve or be cut at some point.

Building templates for future Videos

These are more smaller things that I have been working on in the last week and it might feel a bit all over the place, but the first thing I delved into was switching to Davinci Resolve for most of the editing, such as GIF creation for the blog thumbnails and will be really useful for the future, especially when I plan to finally get into video tutorials starting next week, so I can really start tackling all the hurdles I'm going to encounter with doing this for the first time, but it's time to push myself!

Planning the topics for tutorials

So with all this talk of tutorials I've also been doing a lot of planning and thinking about the structure of it all. Currently my idea is to make bitesize tutorials that are going to slowly expand in number to tackle all the core topics you need to address all the skills you need for Environment Art Creation, this is also why it's taking so long

Maybe a podcast?!

One thing that sort of started to evolve naturally was when me and a colleague started talking about the industry in general and at a certain point we asked ourself the question of "Why don't we turn this into a podcast?"

Victorian Edinburgh Making-Of: Getting to Know UE4

This neat little overview of how to make a a really nicely lit and beautiful scene, Dmitry Kremiansky did a great job creating this scene and sharing his progress.

Fix Landscape Texture Tiling with This UE4 Macro Variation Technique

If you are looking to get some nice looking variation in your big terrains you can check out this breakdown of world of level design taking you through the entire process.

Set of 12 HDR Environment Maps

And as a last addition to this weeks blog, we have a smaller collection of free HDR maps that you can use in multiple programs that make all your hard work stand out!

Artwork Credit
Mike Marra
Cabin in the woods

The community decided! This week we feature the work of Mike Marra, currently a Lighting Artist at Blizzard Entertainment really showcasing his skills in lighting in this beautiful piece, I just really love the simplicity of this scene as well, really focusing on the contrast in colors and the variations in depth that you get from all the smoke buildup. I just love how realistic this looks with minimal help from the assets themself.

Really amazing job Mike Marra, it's been a pleasure seeing you evolve and create these stunning looking pieces!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on:

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