Reaching out and testing & Texture Maps Overview - 1

April 8, 2020

Evening People!

Hope you and your families are all doing well and you're keeping safe, I've been spending a lot of time just preparing the future of the website and just organising stuff on my end.

Big release coming soon!

So the big thing I have been working towards is ofcourse the launch of the site which will serve as the new home of my blog and all the future things to come, I'm really looking at this as the next big project I will be sinking a lot of my time into and it will be my main focus for the coming future. This means that the foundations of the site are the most important thing, and one of them is making sure that the focus is on creating good quality content, so don't expect a constant stream of stuff going through this, especially not in the beginning.

I'm excited to explore this more in the future and hope to see a lot of you there when it launches which will be the 23th of this month! So write this down in your calenders!

Patreon rebranding!

Another big step towards the website launching is prepping all the other stuff surrounding it, and this includes the Patreon where a lot of the support comes. There will be more updates to come in the future on this too as this impacts all the weekly tips and other items that I have been doing such as tutorials etc... so you can find the new home of the Patreon on

Logo design completed

A big thing I have been focusing on this week is the logo, I was first trying out outsourcing this, and from the result I got back I wasn't really convinced. So I ended up making it myself

Reaching out and testing stuff!

So another big part of this week is all the stuff going on in the background, I have been reaching out to some other artists to get a better grip of the kind of stuff that would be interesting to feature on the site and how to evolve the space over time, if you are interested in having a look for yourself and offering a hand, ping me a message!

Simple Scatter for UE4

This cool little tool makes the most of the procedural systems embedded in the Unreal Engine and would make for a really cool tool to deconstruct as well.

Overgrown: Vegetation, Modeling and Texturing Workflow

I love this scene, the lighting and framing of everything feels so nicely done this article is worth diving into!

World-Building Part 1: Planning and Designing

Interested in a little bit of world building? (and you should be to really boost your environments a little!) this breakdown goes into some thing that go into planning your own worlds.

Artwork Credit
Max Schiller

This week I forgot to put the voting online on my Patreon! So this is a personal favourite from the long list of favourites that I gathered over time.

This one by Max Schiller is a really nice example of a concept that would be really interesting to build in 3D, there is just a solid core of fundamentals that are present and make for a really strong image. First of all the contrast in shapes convey this very intriguing picture by having the main shape of the image revolve around this triangle in the back. Another really nice thing are all the leading lines leading your eye towards the shape in the back.

Really inspiring piece Max Schiller, thanks so much for inspiring us all, can't wait to see more stuff like this!

All right people! That's going to do it for me for this week, I'll catch you in the next one!If you like these posts or if the tips are useful consider supporting me on Patreon and join all these other lovely people in getting access to the full Tips and Tricks compilation on:

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