Beyond extent Challenge

Abandoned Laboratory

What happen here? Why did they just abandon it?

Challenge Start

September 23, 2021

Challenge Deadline

October 31, 2021

Amount of contestants

Participatings teams

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Welcome to Beyond Extent Team Challenge #5

The Theme is an Abandoned Laboratory

Sign ups are open from the 7th Sept to the 21st Sept

The challenge will start on the 23rd Sept with the first week being a pre-production week followed by about 4 production weeks bringing you to the deadline on the 30th Sept

Team Challenges Introduction

Hey everyone,

My name is Lloyd, I'm one of the community team for Beyond Extent and the main organiser for the team challenges. Just a quick introduction video giving a brief overview of the Beyond Extent Team Challenges for those thinking of taking part.

The Team Challenges are here to allow you to become part of a small team to create a high-quality portfolio ready piece. They also allow you to improve soft skills vital for the industry such as effective communication, taking and sharing feedback and working to a strict deadline. These challenge pieces have led to people getting interviews and potentially even helped others towards securing the job, as being able to show you can work as part of a team is a great skill to have.

That being these challenges are a serious commitment with your other team mates relying on you. You need to be able to show up every week for the 5 weeks of the challenge and do the hours that you put down when you sign up. This sometimes can be hard on top of work, study and day to day life commitments but these challenges aren't very long, so you need to take these other commitments into consideration before signing up, as there isn't really scope for individuals to go quiet for an extended period during the challenge

We try to make sure the challenge is accessible to as many people as possible so regardless of the banner image we try to have stylised and realistic teams, dependant on enough people signing up for each. We also place less experienced members with experienced ones so they have someone to help guide them through the challenge. However, it should be noted that the team challenge isn't for complete beginners as it is quite an intense experience.

But don't let that put you off we are a friendly and helpful bunch but we just want to give you a clearer idea of what you are signing up for. If you have any questions about the team challenge contact me, LloydJ or tag @communitybuilder on discord if you are already part of the community.

If not then head over to patreon to get access to the discord where you can sign up for the challenge. As a patreon you'll also get access to Live Sessions with industry professionals, Solo Challenges and much more so check out the rest of the website to see whats on offer.

With that, I look forward to seeing some of you soon in the team challenge.
Thank you and stay safe


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Image Credit: Leeda - & Instagram: