Christmas Challenge 2020

This year is kind of a special year, especially with our situations of many people not being able to see there family or have the Christmas dinners they hoped for.

So as a community we came together and created something special for us all to be able to at least celebrate in our own little way, and what better way of doing so by creating a having a little fun, rediscovering why you started doing 3D in the first place and make something together in the process. So this is why we set on to create our own little Christmas tree with little trinkets from everyone who participated.

If you are curious about the work that people have put in, you can click on the individual images to go through their portfolio and show them some love and wish them nice holidays too!
So from all us in the Beyond Extent community,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays

Special thanks

Derk Elshof for the Wood Floor Material
Lloyd James for the Carpet Material
Timothy Dries for the creation of the Tree, Light decorations, red banner and scene setup.