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welcome to

a community with personal touch


small and personal

Our community is at our focus, we intentionally built a small community where it's easy to find your place and engage with like minded people.


our perks

wip wednesday

Weekly feedback events with industry professionals, hosted live on our YouTube channel.

portfolio reviews

Monthly portfolio reviews that will help you develop and improve your portfolio to get you that job.


Organised on a monthly basis, we invite industry professionals to share their valuable knowledge with us.

resource hub

Internal resources that we haven't deployed to the site yet are also often shared in our Discord Community.

regular work alongs

We love working together, usually we have people from all over the world working and improving together.

Environment art handbook

All members get access to our 250 page handbook full of tips crucial to level up your Environment Art game.

stay in the know

All things we do get broadcasted first to our Discord event.


your own

We have a bunch of things going on all the time, the more active you are and the more you take advantage of all the events, the quicker you grow!

filled with talent

Look at all our supporters!

Aakarsh Gupta - Adli Rozlan - Alex Park - Anastasia Papaioanou - Antonio Dinita - Ben Palmer - bilal AL-Hazmi - Cody Trenholm - Dani Villacorte - Daniel Kłosiński - Denys Zvarich - Derek lindell - Dillion Reilly - Dom Mulgrew - donghyun lee - Eanna O'Brien - Florencia Fernandez - Giacomo Bonanno - Giacomo Bonanno - Giovanne Picolo - Illia Cherkasov - Ioana Oprisan - Isaac Ng - Justin Colombini - K Z - Kamil Krasicki - Lazar Gajić - Linavalo Hinyemata - Malte Mekval - nastase alexandru - Paul Elder - Ricardo van de Beek - ringo Robinson - Ryan Shearer  - Sheila Alessandrini - Theresa Marquardt - Timothy Dries - William Day

Environment art

Every member of our community gets access to our 250 page handbook full of tips and tricks to level up your environment art.


ready to start?

Check out the different tiers we offer and how you can take advantage of it.