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February 6, 2023
€ 29.99 EUR

The environment artists handbook

Holds all 220+ weekly tips done from 2018 until the end of 2022. This collection can be seen as the Environment Artists handbook, not only focusing on the hard technical skills, but also on the soft skills and the fundamentals too, if you want to break into the games industry as an Environment artist, you need this.

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Our community is at our focus, with around 300 members helping each other out with regular work streams where we get together and help each other grow.


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With countless resources that we are tweaking and expanding on whenever we see the oppurtunity to do so.

Currently this includes, weekly feedback livestreams, Monthly portfolio reviews, challenges and more, designed to get you to the next level.


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Designed to push you into new ventures and to make sure you are never stagnent, these challenges will make sure you are always on the bleeding edge.


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We believe our strength comes from grwoing together and helping each other. Bein surrounded and working togethere with industry talent increasing your succes

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Your journey awaits, and to help you get started we give you a 250 page book included in your membership that is filled with tips and tricks that will increase your artistic success.