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Topics - World Building
Optimising my time, batching tasks, talking about world building and sharing some great resources!
Topics - World Building
Talking about some personal struggles with creative focus, talking about world building with characters and more...
Topics - World Building
FREE Environment art tutorials are now available on our website, talking about our new podcast and more...
The ever-expanding database is a great collection of interesting sources from all over the internet
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Your weekly drop of Environment Art Inspiration, resources and artists to check out.

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Our personal highlights, how we started the podcast and where we go from here...


Jasmin Habezai-Fekri goes through her workflow, breaking down all the modular parts, how to keep iterating and improving and how to push the presentation.

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Weekly resources in each blogpost

This is where it all started, my journey into sharing my progress in an effort to help other people out.

Every blogpost is contains 1 weekly tip, 3 resources and 1 featured artist to inspire you

With over a 100+ entries currently there is more then enough to explore here...

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Beyond Extent Podcast

Fresh off the press is out new podcast, talking about all the topics that beginners have in mind when they first join or still have to join the industry itself.

You can also get answers to you own questions by asking them in the Discord which is linked to the Patreon!


Articles from our contributing artists

These articles are all provided by the support that we get through our Patreon support, supporting us will allow us to expand the amount of articles we can contribute to our website.

The focus of these articles will always be to provide value to the people that read them, so we are aiming for quality over quantity.

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No matter how daunting it may seem to start sharing your work, this small community is open to talk about it and help you push yourself to the next level.

We intentionally keep it small so that you don't get lost in the sea of people, this is also a way for me to manage the amount of people that I personally give feedback to and make it the most useful for both of us

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