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December 24, 2022

Status Update - December

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Welcome to this monthly update where we try to lift the veil and let you know what you can expect in the future and give update on things that are currently being discussed by the team.


First up it's a reminder that the current challenge is nearing completion, so you still have a little bet of time to get your baubles or present in before it's too late. You have until the 23rd of December to submit your asset so I can add them to the scene and make some nice render for them.
You can submit your assets in the Christmas Challenge Submissions on our Discord.


Reminder out of the way, one major update to the site that we have been working on and planning for is going to be the way we handle user account, we're trying to change that so you can manage your subscriptions right here and hopefully give us more flexibility and consistency in the way we bring updates to you.

However, it has to be said that the current functionality will be mostly to get access to unique perks and managing your subscription.
But it will also allow us to bring back community artist features on our social media and automatically credit and tag you as well in them and other than that this does open up a whole of offering your more content for the future and that's why it's been most important to use, such as giving you access to a filterable database for all our tips and tricks and more in the future!

So a little early sneak peek down here:


Then onto the merch which is something that people have been discussing, and some good news here! We're getting close to the final release, so you can soon order your own awesome looking Beyond Extent merch.

The current offering would be shirts and hoodies with a minimal look but as you can see down on the image we're also exploring some other options like mouse pads, coasters and more... So if you've got any suggestions let us know, we would love to hear what you are excited to get


Something to spice up the community. You now have the ability to schedule your own events with the community. It has to be said that we have tested this a bit ourselves, so consider this to be a beta version.

So if you ever wanted to host your own event in the future feel free to add yours here:


How this currently works is that the team still needs to accept the event, so no shenanigans!
If you want to organise something but aren't sure what or if this is even for you, let us know.


Scot has been working hard behind the scene with a new format for these new version of Solo Challenges to give you exciting and challenging things to boost your skills. These will be going on with a monthly basis without interruptions even when a Team Challenge is running and will also allow people to make the most use of WIP WEDNESDAY's.

More on that in the new year, I'm excited to see how you are going to go at it with what Scot planned for all of you.


This month we will wrap up the stuff we have on our plate like the Christmas Challenge and Workshops. But going onto next year we've got the big overhaul of free accounts being added together with user accounts on our website and Discord. But we will do more of the stuff you like already, that means more workshops with your favourite artists, new solo challenges, a ton more exciting Team Challenges that will be bigger than ever before, more interaction with you and finding new ways to shine more light onto your hard work and finding ways to help you become a better artists. Plus there is also something massive we've been working on in the background that's going to open up a whole new avenue for us.

On a personal note I want to set aside dedicated time to do more art and get back into streaming on a regular basis as well, so hoping to see you there too.

And that's kind of it, big thank you from me personally to both your personal support and to the people that have helped me along the way, I couldn't have done this without you and allowing me to create this space that I'm proud to call our community.
Thanks so much, enjoy the holidays and see you in the new year! <3

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