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November 14, 2022

Status Update - November

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Workshops Update

As you know we've currently got one upcoming workshop planned with Florent Tunno about lighting in production.
However, we also have a second one coming up with someone else who will be talking about your first year in the industry and what they learned.

We're in the final stages for the planning on that one and once we have a set date we will reveal the person who will be holding the workshop, so more on that soon!

Upcoming Articles

We're also focusing our efforts a little more on community led articles for which we have two upcoming ones, one releasing this week with Ioana Oprisan and another one with Adam Dencker.
So if you are working on something awesome or have something you want to share, feel free to reach out to Timothy Dries and pitch your idea!

That's not everything on the article front though, Cairo has been reaching to some amazing people for his final two articles before moving on to the workshops and taking on the organisation of them.
So stay tuned for those.

Opening up the floor

So a thing we are preparing for the future is to allow everyone to organise their own events should they want to do so.
This means that if you always wanted to host a DND session or play a specific game together, soon you can just organise your own event and host it!

We hope to be testing this implementation soon with a couple of testers, so if you want to be one of them, let us know!

Raj is leaving the team

Then it's time for a little bit of sadder news, opening up the floor and allowing everyone to organise their own events this mean that Raj can still work his magic of organising interesting events on his own terms without having the pressure of having to organise one each month.

So thanks so much for all the events you've organised for us and looking forward to seeing more of them in the future!

Beyond Extent meetup

To follow up from the feedback from we did a while back, we've been playing around with the idea of having a meetup coincide with a big event in games, so we've had our eye on EGX for a bit and initially planned to do our meetup at EGX Birmingham. However, that event got cancelled and we are still waiting for a confirmation on it to start at all.

The current plan is to reach out to the organisation or people close to it and figure out if it will even happen at all, but if not we continue the search for another venture for next year, perhaps even EGX in London.
But more on that soon!

Some other things we discussed

So a little section on other things we're talking about and working on.

  • Merch: The workflow and store has been setup for it, we need to start making the design for them
  • Team Challenges: The current ones are going amazing! But we've identified some smaller tweaks we want to implement for the next ones.
  • Team Challenges: We are exploring sponsorships and how they fit into the Team Challenges, we are going to start reaching out to people who have experience with them soon.
  • Course: As I've been spending more time on Personal work, the course progress has been a bit slower.
  • Guides: The next set of guides to be released will be a series on articles about the Interview process, which will be released in the next couple of weeks.

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