October 27, 2022

Status Update - October

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Hi @everyone ,Yesterday we had our monthly get together with the team and I'm going to try and shine some light on the discussions had and the plans for the future of


Changes to Team Challenges

Team challenges are constantly being worked and improved upon and we're learning from every time we do one of them. One of these learnings are little less of a learning exercise and more focused on getting a solid portfolio piece together with other people of a relative skill level. However, more on this will be shared by @LloydJ [He/Him] in the team-announcements channel in detail.

Community Events

For people that have been here for a while you probably noticed that solo challenges have kind of morphed into more social events, so they are technically not solo challenges anymore. But we're definitely leaning into the fun and getting together-ness of these events and will continue to do so thanks to @RAJ [COCO/BURRITO REP] [HE/HIM] and @Sia [She/Her]


We are working on getting more guests in the future as we speak, but we are also planning to change hands from myself to Cairo. This change will not affect anyone here apart from myself and Cairo. I'm sure he's going to nail it!

Getting into games

This article series was something we wanted to build together with everyone, but honestly, it kind of fell through and we didn't really take the proper time to support it ourselves. So that's why I'm taking time to refine and go through all of these topics and eventually add them to the website as well, if you want to check out the progress made on this expansive set of articles check them out here and and suggestions for topics in 💭-suggestions-improvements :https://www.notion.so/beyondextent/GETTING-INTO-GAMES-b85cc48ae52e4a6cb766e8290a0e3d8b

Course update

As for a personal update on how it's going on the course, I went through multiple iterations of the course planning already and managed to condense it to 10 lessons (so meaning 10 weeks) of roughly 2-3 hours as a rough estimate.I've properly planned lesson 1 and 2 already, and done multiple test recordings of them already and it does need some tweaking to make them a bit more interesting. The next steps for this course will be finishing the first proper outline and then doing tests with small


We're looking into some cool designs and how to get merch all setup for the future, so we're thinking about offering some more muted designs (like the one's the team already has right now) and then some more unique ones.But for this we want your ideas in 💭-suggestions-improvements!

What's in store for 2023

(These may be changed in the future, so keep that in mind)- A slow migration from Patreon to the website update is planned- Making the community more accessible with a free tier (In a sustainable way)- Full course release (Hopefully)- More challenges, Mentorships, learning resources and ways to improve your environment art!- Our first community meetup

Thanks so much for all your support in making ALL of this happen, all of these things are made because of your support

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