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Trimsheet Challenge


May 1, 2022



challenge host
Anastasia Papaioanou

Hello May! We’re tackling trims this month! Your challenge for May is 📃 Grab the trim provided below! 📃 Create your own asset and texture it using the provided trim! 📃 Feel free to create your own trim sheet or use the prompt as a starting off point 📃 Challenge ends May 31st! Post your renders to solo #challenge-results and show off your work! To grab the trim, head to the notion page:



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But you can still execute the brief and use the resources here to practice. However, if you want to join us all and practice together with others you can also join our community of check out when the next event is.

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This challenge will be starting soon, that's when the briefing will be revealed and you can start working on it. If you want to participate together with others then hop into our community chatroom.