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Let's do some house keeping first, a focus on some of our own resources as well as some new additions.

We break down the different sections of a junior position and see what you need to keep in mind...
We break down the different sections of a junior position and see what you need to keep in mind...
Lea Kronenberger takes us through how she efficiently builds scenes that perfectly balance the efficiency of modularity with uniqueness

It was an exciting month for our community as we had our first Team Challenge!

It was the first team challenge organized by Timothy Dries and Lloyd James, joining 12 environment artists of varying styles and skill levels and splitting them in two teams of 6, with one volunteer leader in each. The theme was predefined by us and we wanted to focus on making it as much of a learning possibility for everyone on the team as possible. It was super exciting to see everyone working on it and making things happen on the fly, like it would also be in a studio environment, with minimal guidance offered.

Keep in mind that there are no winners in this challenge, it's focused on getting better in helping each other out in a team environment!

So without further ado, let's check out the two amazing environments that came out of it.

Team one

Cristian Bercea -

Guillem Pavon -

SamRyan-Fecitt -

Sasho Lazeski -

Joseph Edwards -

Team Two

Luis Mesquita -

Tim Gross -

Kevin Buck -

Abdullahi A -

Gordon Neill -

Lloyd James -

Congratulations to both teams for their beautiful environments!

Now if you want to join for the next one, we're currently going through and looking at what we can improve before the next one, but we would love to have you over on


A selection of beautiful and recently finished pieces that members of our community worked on.
Make sure to check out there hard work and throw them a like or follow!

Luis Mesquita - Cuban Kitchen
Ovie Mukoro - Around The Bonfire (UE4)
Tarjei Skårsmoen - Halloween Night


Our weekly patreon vote brings you one special artist that inspires us all out there.


Delivered on weekly basis and compiled on a monthly basis, bringing you the best knowledge for Environment Art.


Bringing you a fresh collection of inspirational art from all over the world, these artists are just a selection from the tons and tons of amazing artists working on their awesome environments.

Send us your suggestions or your own work

B.O.W. qin - Winter stream details
Boy Sichterman - Star Citizen: Hightech transit
Dylan Abernethy - SpringTime Lighthouse - Unreal Engine 4
Leo Li - HEAT 2240 - Part 1
Luca Giarrizzo - Substance Designer: Wood Planks
Pasquale Scionti - Japanese shrine forest night environment
Vincent Joyal - Watch Dogs Legion: St-Paul Cathedral


Newly added resources to help you grow, inspire you and just push you to the next level in your journey to the top.

Alexander Alza - Realities of a Busy Artist or How to Keep Making Art
Laetitia Bertrand - UE4 Tutorial : Ground Blending using Distance Field
Patrick Ziegler - Your First Week as a Junior Artist
Daniel Bystedt - Blender addon - Bake to vertex color
Vincent Dérozier - Cartagena Courtyard