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Announcing the new live sessions, Adding details to trimsheets and amazing community pieces!
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Let's do some house keeping first, a focus on some of our own resources as well as some new additions.

Finding your own artstyle is a challenging process that takes time, explore together with us how we deal with it and are working on it ourselves...
Finding your own artstyle is a challenging process that takes time, explore together with us how we deal with it and are working on it ourselves...
Hannah Watts will take us through some great insights for prop artists, diving into what to keep in mind, where to find references and more...

t's time for something new that has been in the making for a bit of time, Discord Live Sessions!
These sessions with industry professionals will tackle crucial environment art topics and they will also give you the opportunity to ask the presenters some questions for most of the sessions.

You can see the 3 upcoming sessions here:

These sessions will be free of charge for any vertex supporters and higher tiers!
If you have suggestions for future sessions or want to take part in these sessions yourself, feel free to reach out to me on to find out more.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


A selection of beautiful and recently finished pieces that members of our community worked on.
Make sure to check out there hard work and throw them a like or follow!

Used Espresso Machine - Molly Entwistle
Ollivanders Wand Shop Props - Derk Elshof
Star Wars Fanart - Ioana Oprisan


Our weekly patreon vote brings you one special artist that inspires us all out there.


Delivered on weekly basis and compiled on a monthly basis, bringing you the best knowledge for Environment Art.


Bringing you a fresh collection of inspirational art from all over the world, these artists are just a selection from the tons and tons of amazing artists working on their awesome environments.

Send us your suggestions or your own work

Lighting study | Part III - Victoria Zavhorodnia
Stylized Stones - Substance Designer - Elie Paquiet
Montreal - Max Bedulenko
Capital of distant colony_2_Creating sci-fi city without modeling in Blender 2.81-2.92 - Ivan Laliashvili
Marmoset Toolbag 4 Library - Gravels - Sergio Acevedo Ruiz
末日电箱 - 泽科 徐
INTO THE ECHO  - Chang-Wei Chen
King Arthur UI backgrounds - Ede László
Cityscape 01 - Aleksandre Lortkipanidze
Carved Ritual Stone - Alfie Summers
Snake Great-Sword - Pestilence Studio
Sevilla - Jackson Keller
Military Warehouse - Unreal Engine 4 - Stefan Oprisan
Kickboxing Gym - Mark Normington
Fantasy Temple - Valentin Baguirov


Newly added resources to help you grow, inspire you and just push you to the next level in your journey to the top.