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Team challenges are ramping up, diving into sculpting tricks for open world environments and more...
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Let's do some house keeping first, a focus on some of our own resources as well as some new additions.

We're talking about soft skills and more specifically how they are needed in a studio environment
We're talking about soft skills and more specifically how they are needed in a studio environment
Ivanna Liittschwager, Environment Artist at Sony Santa Monica, breaks down her amazing Demon's Souls fan art and her sculpting workflow


A selection of beautiful and recently finished pieces that members of our community worked on.
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News Vendor Prop - Jack Chatterton
Cats on a Fridge - TropicalMoisture
Stylized fireplace diorama - Vitaly Zaytsev
Mechanical Calculator "Original Hodner" - Marcello Pellegrino
No Honor In Fire - Cairo Goodbrand
Bunderdown - Prototype - Hicham Ouchan


Our weekly patreon vote brings you one special artist that inspires us all out there.


Delivered on weekly basis and compiled on a monthly basis, bringing you the best knowledge for Environment Art.


Bringing you a fresh collection of inspirational art from all over the world, these artists are just a selection from the tons and tons of amazing artists working on their awesome environments.

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Greenpath - Sasha Bernert
Demon's Gate - Unreal Engine 5 Environment - Wiktor Öhman
Konvas Avtomat Video Camera - Mauro Avalos
Wizard Tower - Mick Jundt
Over-grown Minefield Vegetation UE4 - Noah Monnereau
The Retreat - Michael James Cox
Fish Gun - Ammer Domingo
Vassilis - Renders - Antoine ALVES
Fortune Mines (UE5) - Jamie Callow
Old Luxurious Bath house - Margot Vandenbussche

The Guardians - Gia Bao Lam
Alice in wonderland's gate - Graduation film "Bon Appétit" - Jérémy ...
The Little Room - Thiago Araujo
Dreamlike Future Vision - Cyberpunk - Wiktoria Labudzinska
Miniaturist Perfectly Recreates Historical Interiors at a Staggerin... -
The Midlands - Glen Fox
Stylized Temple Flooring - Justin Leonardo


Newly added resources to help you grow, inspire you and just push you to the next level in your journey to the top.