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Unreal Engine Landscape Basics, awesome community projects and Adam Rzatkowski as featured artist...
A Beyond Extent
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Timothy Dries
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Let's do some house keeping first, a focus on some of our own resources as well as some new additions.

We're talking about soft skills and more specifically how they are needed in a studio environment
We're talking about soft skills and more specifically how they are needed in a studio environment
Hannah Watts will take us through some great insights for prop artists, diving into what to keep in mind, where to find references and more...


A selection of beautiful and recently finished pieces that members of our community worked on.
Make sure to check out there hard work and throw them a like or follow!

Zoloti Vorota (Golden Gate) Metro -
Beyond Extent Subway Challenge - Ioana Oprisan
Victorian Corridor - Adam Rzatkowski
Vampire the Masquerade - Swansong - Galeb's Reveal Trailer - Mohamed...
The Hermit - Merwyn Lim
WWII German Telephone Field Tester - Dylan Proudfoot
Cats Raid a Fridge - Lydia Hatcher


Our weekly patreon vote brings you one special artist that inspires us all out there.


Delivered on weekly basis and compiled on a monthly basis, bringing you the best knowledge for Environment Art.


Bringing you a fresh collection of inspirational art from all over the world, these artists are just a selection from the tons and tons of amazing artists working on their awesome environments.

Send us your suggestions or your own work

Sappheiros - Cinematic Short [UE5] - Alec Tucker
Distant Land - Miguel Balarezo
A peaceful morning - Amolesh Mahato
Core - Stefan Morrell
Bloodborne Fan Art - Sculpt - Ivanna Liittschwager
Fantasy Provencal Environment - Unreal Engine - Stéphane Charré
Artstation Challenge: Grand Space Opera - Light Age - Alex Karabardin
Personal work 10 - Brandon Le
Cyberpunk 2077 | Bay area in Wellsprings - Emilia Kostrzewska-Szyszka
UE4吉卜力 第二弹 千与千寻 - 尼亚


Newly added resources to help you grow, inspire you and just push you to the next level in your journey to the top.