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Re-Looking at "Metrics", a weekly tip I did ages ago as well as your weekly dose of inspiration, knowledge and community projects!
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Let's do some house keeping first, a focus on some of our own resources as well as some new additions.

We're going to be talking about the final steps of a project and how to motivate yourself through it
We're going to be talking about the final steps of a project and how to motivate yourself through it
Creating the first stylized scene for our challenge didn't come around easy, figure out how this team overcome issues and made a great environment


A selection of beautiful and recently finished pieces that members of our community worked on.
Make sure to check out there hard work and throw them a like or follow!

Wizard's Chest - Eugenio Galdeano
Environment SciFi Modular Set - Paolo Ringegni
Relight - The Forgiven Blood Castle - Daniel De la Torre Torres
BBRS-07 Tactical Tracker - Santiago Medrano
ArtStation - They call me WIP man -
Swedish Pine Forest - Adam Dencker
Floor tiles Materials - Matthieu Collignon


Our weekly patreon vote brings you one special artist that inspires us all out there.


Delivered on weekly basis and compiled on a monthly basis, bringing you the best knowledge for Environment Art.


Bringing you a fresh collection of inspirational art from all over the world, these artists are just a selection from the tons and tons of amazing artists working on their awesome environments.

Send us your suggestions or your own work

Shop Props - Potionomics - Joe Stachnik (Stachmo)
Back4Blood Materials - Daniel McGowan
More Swords! - Moniek Schilder
Cozy Alley - Jo
Farcry 6 -Scan Data vol: 1 - Alexandre Rodrigue


Newly added resources to help you grow, inspire you and just push you to the next level in your journey to the top.