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team challenge documentation

Challenge yourself and sign up below

team challenge




Let's talk about some of the expectations that we want to set for the upcoming challenge, such as time you can spend on it a week, what you want to work on, etc...

The goal is to make a small scoped portfolio quality scene but this should not come at the expense of enjoyment. We expect all people treat other members with respect and understanding throughout the challenge.

Please appreciate that everything is a group decision and you may have to compromise on what you had in mind for the scene.
This challenge as much about working as a team as it creating the piece of art.

Make sure you've read through the current challenge briefing before signing up.



Thank you! Your submission has been received and added to the list.
After the sign up period we will announce your team during our special Kick-off event.

Looking forward to seeing you in the team challenge and making an awesome environment together.
Your Beyond Extent Team.
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