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team challenge

Market of Wonders

SIGN UP until 

Oct 21, 2023





Step into the vibrant market of endless possibility where any treasure you can imagine can be found: the mysterious, the magnificent, and the magical, all available for the right price. From tiny trinkets to Titanic Tinkerings and everything in between. The chaos and colours are everywhere, bringing a life of its own to this mesmerizing marketplace.

The theme for this team challenge is Market of Wonders . Sign-ups are open from the 7th October and will close on the 21st October. Participants will be carefully assembled into a team of 5 artists where you will push both your technical and soft skills to create an exceptional 3D game-ready environment that captures the the essence of this marvelous marketplace



- Teams are made up of 5 artists, teams are assembled by the challenge organisers (we try, where possible, to arrange the teams to give the optimal experience by balancing factors such as time zones)

- There are both realistic and stylised teams

- The challenge is 5 weeks made up of; 1 week of setup, ideas, planning and blockout and 4 full production weeks. The complete timeline can be found in the calendar below.

- Teams will be provided with source control and starting resources, such as basic shaders, so you and your team can get up to speed quickly.


1st Place Team

2 Months of Workshop Tier Access

2nd & 3rd Place Team

1 Month of workshop Tier Access

Each member of the team receives the stated prize


You can sign-up for the challenge without being a member of the community via the form. After sign-ups close we invite artist that meet the expectations to join the challenge. If you accept this invite to participate you will need to sign-up to the 'discord' tier of Patreon for the duration of challenge . By signing up you also get all the other benefits such as full access to the discord, Environment Art Tips and Tricks collection, Weekly Live Feedback Stream, Your art included in our weekly newsletter and more on top of your entry to the team challenge.


- The team challenge is a big commitment. You should carefully consider if you can dedicate the time for the duration of the challenge, taking into account work, education, and other commitments.

- Have a decent understanding of the core skills - Modelling, Texture, Lighting/Presentation and use of a game engine

- Must be able to commit at least 10 hours per week (that's roughly 3-4 evenings or 1 evening + 1 full day minimum)

- Actively communicate with your team

- Be flexible - Ideally, everyone gets to work on what they want but you may need to do some of the less hero work but that doesn't mean you can't make it worthy of sitting on your portfolio

- Little more flex - Teams are often made of multiple time zones, you may have to be a bit flexible to make meetings or figure out a system if you can't

- Be responsible for yourself - If you've committed to the team challenge you are expected to pull your weight. If you don't you will be removed from the challenge

- English - You'll need a basic level of spoken and written English to be able to communicate effectively with your team


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Market of Wonders - Barking Cats

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Market of Wonders - 4tress

Market of Wonders - 4tress

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got you interested?

These challenges only happen a couple of times a year, so make sure you go to the main page to check out when the next one is happening or check out our calendar down below.