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team challenge

Sunken Temple

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Jul 21, 2022





Lloyd James

The theme for the August team challenge is a **Sunken Temple** . Sign-ups are open now and will close on the 22nd of July.

Participants will be carefully assembled into a team of 6 artists & 1 Industry Professional Guide, to create a stunning environment of a once-great place sinking into the depths of its surroundings.

You will be provide with source control and starting resources so you and your team can get up to speed quickly.
And by the end of the challenge you should have a portfolio ready environment as well as improved both your technical and soft skills and have made some wonderful connections with your team members

The challenge is 5 weeks made up of; 1 of week of setup, ideas, planning and blockout and 4 full production weeks. The complete timeline can be found in the calendar below.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part make sure to check out all the information and then head over to the Patreon to get the discord access where you can find the sign-up form.

Look forward to seeing many of you in the challenge




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Sunken Temple - Lightbringers

Sunken Temple - Lightbringers

Nicole Harris
Nikkita Racquel
Edric Joe
Lydia Hatcher
Raj Joshi

Sunken Temple - Team Science Dogs

Sunken Temple - Team Science Dogs

Joseth Segura
Jack Krawczyk
Erick Lim
Danielle Villacorte
Jamie Heron
Salvador Sánchez

Sunken Temple - Team Flow

Sunken Temple - Team Flow

Marcello Pellegrino
Gavin Harvey
Jorge Antão
Fabiano Oliveira
Eduardo Bonatelli
Ryan Shearer

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